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Five Pawns Lawsuit and why I support Five Pawns

As many of you know, Russ Wishtart, host of Cling, Bang Radio, has been on a crusade against companies selling eliquid with DA and AP in high levels. For a time I supported his crusade. But I have to say that I have changed my stance a bit, and this is why I changed my mind.

For years I was a happy smoker, at the end of which I was inhaling about two to two and a half packs of cigarettes every single day. I switched to vaping because it didn’t make me smell like an ashtray and overall I felt better. But never was I under the delusion that ecigs were health products. Sure they were better for me, but not completely safe either. 

So when all the talk about DA and AP came up, it wasn’t a big surprise. I did my research and the one thing I saw was that the known problems with these chemicals was due to inhaling them in powdered form. But we inhale them in liquid form. Of course you would have a problem inhaling powder of almost any kind! But there is no conclusive evidence about inhaling liquid form, or vapor really. 

We may find that inhaling vapor of anything is harmful or maybe chemicals we don’t know that might turn out to be a problem. Vaping is new and we are just now learning about it and its effects on our bodies. My hope is it will continue to be shown as significantly less harmful than smoking, as it does right now. These tests that said it is safer was likely conducted including liquid that had one or both of these chemicals present.

So considering that we still don’t know the effects, I can’t see where anyone, including myself, a former Five Pawns user, can show damages of any sort. I think this lawsuit stands to set a bad precedent for the future of the industry. If lawyers think they can make a fast buck from suing different vape companies, they will attack the entire group. This law firm is testing the water with Five Pawns, and are using gullible people, which sadly, Russ has become in this case. If the succeed here, the next step will be to sue every major company out there on the same terms and for a bigger amount. This could destroy the industry, and while we do need to learn and understand what is safe, this is not the way to do it.
So I stand with Five Pawns and every other eliquid company that might come under fire as the result of this reckless action. I can only hope that they are able to defend themselves and stay in business. I also hope they realize the importance of good science and find a way to answer the questions about the products we use. But that will never happen if all your profits are tied up in the defense of lawsuits such as this. Just my thoughts.

November 15, 2015 - Posted by | Shop News

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